Recent Before & After Photos

Enhanced Lighting In A Commercial Warehouse Flood In Lancaster South Carolina

,OW! Can you imagine walking into a 90,000 square foot commercial warehouse that is the resemblance of a beautiful light show due to the reflection of the water... READ MORE

For Every Action There is a Reaction As The Residents of This Three Story Apartment Complex Found in Camden South Carolina

Woke to the shrill sound of the fire alarm, you race out of bed and find no fire, nor smoke.  There is lights reflecting through your windows signifing fir... READ MORE

Not Bottled Fire That Caused a House Fire In Elgin South Carolina

As embarrassing as it is in retrospect we were having a touch of fire water, and much to our dismay we had a real fire that required water to put out our house ... READ MORE

Wet Wednesday From Heavy Water Damage At a Home In Indian Land South Carolina

WOW!!  Wednesday just took on a whole new meaning at our place.  Got off work and came home to a hot water heater that had a pipe break, causing ... READ MORE

More Than a Glass of Water At A Commercial Water Loss in Camden South Carolina

Talk about a rough way to start your day.  Walked through the office to grab a glass of water to start my day only to find the water dispenser was not only... READ MORE

Mold on High at Church in Camden South Carolina

Churches like many things in life come in many different shapes and sizes, and the craftsmanship is of many different levels.  The church pictured is ... READ MORE

Water Versus Leaves Causes Home to Flood in Lancaster South Carolina

While nature has a way of working with leaves and trees, it is when we put man, leaves, and water together that one might find enough conflict to reack havoc on... READ MORE

House Fire in Kershaw South Carolina Found a Momento That Is So Small Yet So Big In Our Hearts

One unforgettable day the blare of fire sirens broke the silence, and the fire trucks rolling by kicked up a cloud of dust that was still floating to the ground... READ MORE

Bad Turn Into Burn Causing Heavy Smoke Damage to Home in Lugoff South Carolina

Now just imagine sitting at home on Saturday evening curled up with a book that has you totally captivated with its own dramatic pace. Good guys are chasing the... READ MORE

Meth Lab Causes Fire and Biohazard Situation in Kershaw South Carolina

Unfortunately a crisis we as a society face is the manufacturing of meth using homemade meth labs in homes, and facilities illegally. In part this in itself is ... READ MORE