Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Damage to home in Indian Land South Carolina

Its interesting how one spouse can hear differently from one another. One wakes up and says I hears water running. The reply is its ok, your dreaming. Will th... READ MORE

Kershaw Home Deals With Water Damage in Crawlspace

With the weather we’ve been experiencing, it's truly not uncommon to check under the home for a forked water line. Unfortunately for this family, it was ... READ MORE

Wet Wednesday From Heavy Water Damage At a Home In Indian Land South Carolina

WOW!! Wednesday just took on a whole new meaning at our place. Got off work and came home to a hot water heater that had a pipe break, causing a large amount ... READ MORE

Church Has Water Damage in Lancaster South Carolina

Arriving to church ahead of the congregation Sunday is to begin getting ready for the worship service. While headed to the church there was no reason to expect... READ MORE

Waking to Water Damage in Camden South Carolina

One generally considers a good night’s rest one that does not include being awakened by a thunderous crash, and a horrific flow of water throughout the ho... READ MORE

Unwanted Basement Swimming Pool Brings Water Damage to Home in Lancaster South Carolina

Just imagine grabbing a hamper of laundry, opening the door and heading down the stairs, and to your amazement the lower level of your home overnight has turned... READ MORE