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Front Seat to a Fire Alarm with No Fire in Lugoff South Carolina

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Front Seat to a Fire Alarm with No Fire in Lugoff South Carolina The heat outside combined with the heat in the attic caused the sprinkler system to activate resulting in heavy water damage to the building.

When offered the front seat one imagines the shotgun theory loll.  Will unfortunately this front seat offer was more in line with a commercial sprinkler shower. 

Without a doubt all involved and privy to the water damage were absolutely dumbfounded at how such a major water loss had just occurred in a large commercial building. 

Did you know that there are different types of fire sprinkler heads?  I did not, yet was made aware that there is by the fire chief who responded with the fire department.  

The level of heat allowed by the heat of the ceiling attic triggered a full blown fire alarm to the fire department. 

Whether it’s a Commercial Fire, Commercial Water, Residential Water, or Residential Fire SERVPRO is ready to assist with your needs 24/7/365.  803-475-4500

SERVPRO Handles Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Needs

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO Handles Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Needs At SERVPRO we are #heretohelp make your dreams a reality. No job to large, or too small

You have a dream, with the dream comes the vision, and you set out to achieve what is now a reality.  To open and run a commercial business which in itself requires careful planning.  

Part of this plan is to procure the proper commercial property to house your dream.  There are few commercial properties that fill your vision.  Also, you get a call and your heart skips a beat.  Somehow you know already this could be the one. 

You arrive, and there is no doubt you envision your business in the commercial property before you. 

As you survey the scene you realize the only thing wrong is the carpet cleaning that will be required. Without hesitation, nor realizing the late hour, you call SERVPRO to query the potential of a commercial carpet cleaning. 

Ecstatic that SERVPRO answered your call at almost 8:00 pm, and was happy to schedule an appointment to provide an estimate for a Commercial Carpet Cleaning. 

One week and 40,000 square feet of Commercial Carpet Cleaning completed, your on your way to hosting your Grand Opening. 

SERVPRO not only meets your needs, we exceed your expectations. 

SERVPRO is your resource #24/7/365 

Broken Water Line Floods Office in Lancaster South Carolina

7/12/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Broken Water Line Floods Office in Lancaster South Carolina Water has flowed throughout the office.

Upon arriving to work in the morning the office manager was greeted by standing water that was caused by a failed water line into the break-room.  One call to SERVPRO had a crew there in less than an hour to begin the Water Mitigation Process.

Once there is a flood on the inside of a building, or home, the water will continue to flow until the source of the problem has been resolved.  Water flowing into the line will need to be shut off, or the entire water system will need to be shut off.  This will be done by contacting a plumber.

Whether it is for your business, or home that has experienced a water issue SERVPRO is available 24/7/365 to assist with your needs.

Faulty Fire Alarms Cause Flooding at a Medical Office in Lugoff South Carolina

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Faulty Fire Alarms Cause Flooding at a Medical Office in Lugoff South Carolina No Fire but Lots of Water

SERVPRO like any other restoration company receives calls from time to time that causes one to step back and say, "You've got to be kidding". This is the exact response by SERVPRO upon arriving at a medical facility that had received a fire alert. The fire department was diligently searching for the fire that had caused the alarm. No flames were found, nor was there any indication of smoke, or anything smoldering. Perplexed as to what had caused the alarm, and all of the indoor Fire Sprinkler Heads to activate. The water source was turned off, but not before the interior had received extensive water damage. Ceilings had dropped, insulation heavily saturated with water now lay on the floor throughout the building. Looking into the waiting room at just the right angle one had the perception the floor had just received a top-notch coat of wax the glisten was so magnificent.

SERVPRO set up and began the task of extracting the water, and removing the debris caused by the water. Still no one was able to locate a fire, a hot spot, or smoldering object that would have caused the Fire Sprinkler Heads to activate the fire sprinkler system.

It was later determined that the high temperatures outside had caused even hotter temperature inside the highest points of the building, thus causing the Fire Sprinkler Heads to falsely believe the heat was from a fire.

SERVPRO responds 24/7/365 to fire, water, mold, and trauma.

Fire can sweep through a building quickly causing a lot of damage, and water can also be a costly loss as well.

SERVPRO responds to your needs. Call us 24/7/365 we are here to help.

Ice Maker Water Line the cause of Flooding at a Business in Lancaster South Carolina

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Ice Maker Water Line the cause of Flooding at a Business in Lancaster South Carolina Small ice maker water line the cause of a flooded commercial building

SERVPRO responds to a commercial water loss that involved one small water line which caused the entire building to flood.  SERVPRO immediately began the process of water mitigation, and then proceeded to the dry out process. 

Once the initial shock of coming to work and finding literally the entire building floors covered in water, a call to SERVPRO, and figure out exactly how and why the ice maker water line had burst causing the entire building to flood. Just imagine the surprise once it was discovered the plumber had used a water line clearly labeled ‘do not use on ice maker water line’. Houston, we have a problem. Clearly no one had read the clear disuse instructions or choose to blatantly heed the warning. An issue to be resolved without a doubt, but the issue of flooding due to excess water in the building is being remedied by SERVPRO.

A Rolling Thunderstorm Wreaks Havoc On Home In Bethune South Carolina

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage A Rolling Thunderstorm Wreaks Havoc On Home In Bethune South Carolina Yes, the tree looks better in the yard in Bethune South Carolina

SERVPRO receives calls that vary from wind damage to water damage when heavy winds, and rain roll through.

Watching your favorite TV show one moment and staring through the leaves of the tree that an hour ago was looking nice right in your front yard.

Not sure what has you more frozen the sound of a loud roaring train that preceded the crash on your home, or the actual tree in your home.

Regardless, it’s a feeling that hangs on as you call SERVPRO to handle the situation. While the situation of a tree in your home is new to you, here at SERVPRO is familiar with a call that results from a tree falling on a home or business.

24/7/365 SERVPRO is here to meet your needs.

The Storm That Missed with My Dream Home in Bennettsville South Carolina

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage The Storm That Missed with My Dream Home in Bennettsville South Carolina It's Official Our Home is on an Island in Bennettsville South Carolina

When buying your property, you were so excited at the prospect of sitting in the dawn of morning at the river right in front of your house and catching breakfast. The amenities of camping and the luxury of home making your life a dream come true. After several days of heavy rain what you once thought to be the perfect way of life turned into a nightmare that you hoped would be exactly that, a nightmare. Greatly concerned about the safety of your family you frantically begin the process of packing up the family, and whatever belonging you could fit into the car. Looking in the rearview mirror is the reflection of wakes from the tires as they forge through the flood waters; in your mind you know it should be your boat making those wakes, not your car. Water damage due to the rising flood waters went close to four feet inside the water damaged home.  The water damage affected most of the contents, yet SERVPRO was able to salvage water damaged paperwork using their unique drying process.  

The cliché that time is a healer is better suited to this type of occasion knowing SERVPRO is qualified to handle the flooded home once the waters have receded. So many belongings left behind many irreplaceable, yet just knowing that SERVPRO will do their best to preserve what the waters didn’t destroy.    

24/7/365 SERVPRO is ready to help after the storm.

Unattended Stove Cause of Fire at Home In Lancaster SC

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Unattended Stove Cause of Fire at Home In Lancaster SC It takes just moments for a fire to start. When it happens we are #HereToHelp
Summer is here and the long heated days we are experiencing, it is easy to start something as simple as a pot of beans on the stove and walk away. Might be it just too hot to stand there, and while you find comfort closer to a cooler part of the room, it is easy to get distracted and move onto another point of interest, and one certainly not as hot as standing by the stove. Now let’s not be too hard on ourselves as this is an occurrence that is quite common in most homes. Unfortunately over the sound of the television, and the conversation of others comes the obnoxious blast of the fire alarms, yes alarms as the smoke has fanned out to envelope the entire house. Panic sets in and you run for the kitchen only to find flames lapping at the cabinets and ceiling. Frantically you dial 911, grab what you can, if you can, and scramble for the closest door to head outside.

As you do a quick look around to be sure everyone has made it out safely, shock begins to set in, and your mind races to remember all that you still have in the house that is irreplaceable. The situation can only be classified as one filled with trauma, and raw emotions. With a sigh of relief you hear SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties assure you they are on their way.

While damage from the actual flames was confined mostly to the kitchen, you take notice of how the smoke has migrated throughout the entire home. Many unexpected issues from smoke and fire damage can be found. While walking through the home with SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties it becomes evident the actual amount of damage smoke can cause. You’ll notice discolored walls, or ash and soot on the floor, often depending on the water path used with the fire hose, this will be accompanied by a black sooty soggy film. Be mindful of the smell as you make your way through the house as smells can be produced which can cause side effects that can be harmful not only to surfaces, but your health as well. Keep in mind that there will be changes in what you are seeing, some immediately, and some over the next few hours, or even days.

Bathroom Water Line Floods Home In Rembert Causing Water Damage Throughout The Home

5/31/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Bathroom Water Line Floods Home In Rembert Causing Water Damage Throughout The Home Water Damage from a broken pipe in the bathroom manages to also affect the crawlspace.

While heading out of town your last thought is that you will return home to a blanket of water that has spread from the bathroom and made its way throughout the home. Due to the amount of time the water ran unnoticed played an important roll in the extent of water damage thought-out the home, also affecting the crawlspace under the home.

Once the water source is cut off it is critical to begin a Water Mitigation to avoid further water damage. In the proper setting mold can begin in a short amount of time. SERVPRO is available 24/7/365 to assist with your needs.

At SERVPRO we are #HereToHelp   If planning a trip be sure to check your water fixtures that supply the water to your home or business.

Water Damages Church in Camden South Carolina

5/31/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damages Church in Camden South Carolina Water Mitigation in progress at local church

It’s been a busy week so far, and the last thing expected was to open the office door for the church only to find a couple inches of water surrounded my feet. Looking for the source led me to a hot water heater that had a pipe break causing the water to run for hours. As a large church in the community our office sees many people in and out throughout the day. Once we had the water turned off, we were able to get SERVPRO in route so they could begin the water mediation.

Since the water had come up the walls, the bottom of the drywall was cut away to allow faster drying and eliminate the potential for mold. We were pleased with how quickly SERVPRO was able to do their water mitigation and handle the content pack out. While there was inconvenience, we appreciated how quickly SERVPRO was able to come in and do the Water Mitigation and perform a Mold Remediation.

24/7/365 #HereToHelp