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Freedom Wasn't Free and SERVPRO Thanks Those Who Fought and are Fighting

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

United States Flag blowing in the wind Our flag of the United States of America

Memorial Day - legal holiday in the United States, last Monday in May, commemorates the members of the United States armed forces who were killed in war.  Formerly known as Decoration Day. (Webster's College Dictionary 2010)

As one travels throughout the south, out of nowhere a memorial in the shape of a headstone stands out in the open.  These would be landmarks where battles were fought, and lives lost.  There are movies recounting various battles where lives were lost, and heroes who humbly stood out, many under horrific circumstances.

My father, and brother served, and my son is serving.  Each of us knows someone who has, or is serving, and each of us knows someone, or of someone who never made it home.

At SERVPRO we ask that as you reflect on the Memorial Day of 2020 you continue to remember that our freedom was not free.  That you lift in your hearts those that kept us free, and those that are still battling to keep us free.

Team SERVPRO Hopes You Have a Happy Mother's Day

5/7/2020 (Permalink)

Team SERVPRO in front of office wishing you a Happy Mother's Day At SERVPRO we are proud of the community we serve.

All of us at SERVPRO wish you a Happy Mother's Day

SERVPRO is not just a business, we are a family in unity working as a team to help our community, friends, and family, should the need arise. As Team SERVPRO we have Mothers who help to make our awesome team.

While the celebration of Motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, and Romans, the precedent for the modern Mother’s Day was held as a Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday.”   Around the world Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates, and the celebration signifies the tradition of that culture.

Here in America we still celebrate the mother, and the use of ‘Mother’ is not set in stone in regards to who we call a ‘Mother.’   I am a mother of children who are all grown and gone with their own children, but I’m not cut short as I have a four legged baby, so Dad and Boo will handle the day while I relax!

All of us at SERVPRO wish you and yours a Happy Mother’s Day, and if you need us we are available 24/7/365.   It’s an unfortunate reality but a holiday does not stop the potential for fire damage, water damage, or a situation that requires immediate attention.

Ice Maker water line fails causing water damage to kitchen at Lancaster residence

4/2/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen island in the middle cabinets to the right hardwood flooring coming up from failed ice maker line Ice maker water line failed causing hardwood floors to buckle in the kitchen

SERVPRO responds to a residential water loss that involved one small water line to the refrigerator. The failed water line due to its being located behind the refrigerator went unnoticed until the hardwood floors began to buckle. SERVPRO immediately began the water mitigation process and tear out of the flooring. SERVPRO provides removal of damaged or wet contents that are considered part of the water loss. SERVPRO can also provide Document Restoration for documents that got wet during the water loss. After several days of monitoring for moisture the SERVPRO Technicians began the Mold Remediation which will stop the growth of mold in the areas that were wet.

SERVPRO is your number one resource 24/7 to assist with your Water Damage and Mold Remediation at your home or business.

Homeowner Wakes to Water Damage in Lugoff South Carolina

3/27/2020 (Permalink)

Side of toilet showing the new water line Water line to toilet failed during the night causing water damage.

Getting out of bed the last thing you expect is to find yourself stepping into water instead of your once dry floor. Out of instinct you immediately head into the bathroom where you discover the entire floor covered in water. You get the water shut off, and search for what caused all the water. After inspecting all the water lines, you discover the water supply line to the toilet has failed. The cost of the braided water line to the toilet is less than $10.00 and takes less than fifteen minutes to replace. A call to SERVPRO had a Water Mitigation Team onsite in less than an hour.

With the excess standing water removed SERVPRO strategically places equipment to begin the drying process. Depending on the type of flooring and how severe the water damage is will determine whether the flooring will have to be removed. Moisture meters are used daily to ensure complete dryness throughout the water damaged area. SERVPRO is your number one resource in times of disaster no matter how small, or big the loss.

Fire at Home in Lancaster South Carolina Causes Heavy Smoke Damage

3/27/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen cabinets with burned stove in the center Leaving a stove unattended is cause of kitchen fire, and heavy smoke damage to the home

While damage from the actual flames was confined mostly to the kitchen, you take notice of how the smoke has migrated throughout the entire home. Many unexpected issues from smoke and fire damage can be found. While walking through the home with SERVPRO it becomes evident the actual amount of damage smoke can cause. You’ll notice discolored walls, or ash and soot on the floor. Depending on the path used with the fire hose you’ll also see a soggy sooty film. Be mindful of the smell as you make your way through the house as smells can be produced which can cause side effects that can be harmful not only to surfaces, but your health as well. Keep in mind that there will be changes in what you are seeing, some immediately, and some over the next few hours, or even days.

At SERVPRO we are prepared to assist with fire damage, and smoke damage to your home, or business.

Water Line to Cleaning Machine Fails at Medical Office in Lancaster

3/25/2020 (Permalink)

Doctors office with desk and chair.  The carpet is wet from a broken pipe Water line fails over the weekend causing an entire medical office to flood.

While attending medical school I seriously doubted there is a course in office flooding, or water damage. Yet as an unplanned hiccup would have it, that's exactly what happened at a doctor’s office, a flood due to a broken pipe causing water damage.

The water line that failed was a pressurized line to a piece of equipment used for cleaning medical tools. The line failed over the weekend giving the free-flowing water time to completely flood the entire medical office.

SERVPRO didn’t hesitate to immediately dispatch their certified technicians to begin the Water Mitigation. Following protocol once the water was removed the entire facility was monitored daily to ensure there was a complete dry out. Upon the drying process being completed a Mold Remediation was preformed to avoid the potential for mold.  

We understand the importance of getting back to “Like it never even happened,” as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At SERVPRO we are here 24/7/365 to assist with your needs.

Stove Left Unattended in Lancaster Home Is Cause of Fire

3/24/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen is burned from stove fire Leaving stove unattended put a family out of their home for several months.

No matter your walk in life, or the label society has placed on your age group generation. Every one of us at some point in time has opted to multi task cooking.  While this thought process can seem an innocent action in the grand scheme of life’s crazy schedules, it can also be deemed one of the most devastating, and costly.

SERVPRO has been called several times for kitchen fires that could have been avoided had the source been attended. It is so easy to set a pot on the stove only to leave the kitchen and get side tracked with yet another distraction. In the blink of an eye your home can be enveloped by fire. You could be displaced from your home, belongs lost, treasured pictures, memories in the form of heirlooms, and daily needed articles damaged, or permanently destroyed. And yes if we are going to be real here, the ultimate loss would be loss of life.

Christmas Globe Survives a Fire That Destroyed a Home in Kershaw

3/11/2020 (Permalink)

Christmas Globe looks like new after surviving a house fire Christmas Globe survives a house fire, and SERVPRO brings it back to "Like it never even happened".

One unforgettable day the blare of fire sirens broke the silence, and the fire trucks rolling by kicked up a cloud of dust that was still floating to the ground as the fire trucks disappeared around the corner.  I look around and see a thick black billowing cloud of smoke swirling its way into the clear blue sky. It only took a moment to realize the commotion was taking place in what was the vicinity of where I had spent my childhood years.  As I jumped into my truck my phone began to ring causing my heart to skip a beat, and my stomach to jump into a knot. Fear washed over me as I rounded the corner and realized what once was my childhood home was completely engulfed in flames.  Black smoke laced with yellow and orange flames did a wicked dance that had already enveloped the inside, and quickly consumed and claimed the outer structure of what had been a home once filled with laughter, and the smell of mom’s home cooking. 

The townspeople were arriving and stood with their heads down praying that all would be well. As the rest of my family arrived, we hugged one another, tears freely running down our cheeks as we watched with broken hearts our childhood home disappear into the flickering flames.

We reached out to SERVPRO to handle what the firemen called a ‘board-up’ to protect and preserve what was remaining of the home once the house fire had been put out.

After days of sifting through the rubble we discovered a Christmas Globe that had been part of our family's Christmas decorations as far back as I could remember. Sobbing my sister contacted SERVPRO to see if there was any way possible to restore the completely blackened globe that was in the house fire. No promises made by SERVPRO I dropped it off and prayed SERVPRO would be able to save the small, yet only remaining memory found in the rubble.  A week later to my astonishment I received a call from SERVPRO asking me to stop by the office.

The knot in my stomach quickly disappeared and I broke into tears of joy as I looked at the beautifully restored Christmas Globe. That such a small item could bring so much heartfelt joy to our family, and I will always be grateful to SERVPRO for taking care of a small piece of our family history.

Meth Lab Cause of Fire in Lancaster South Carolina

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

Burned kitchen which was caused by a meth lab fire A meth lab is cause of fire at a rental home on Lancaster

Unfortunately a crisis we as a society face is the manufacturing of meth using homemade meth labs in homes, and facilities illegally. In part this in itself is very dangerous in regards to the substances used to manufacture the illegal drug, and the potential for combustion at any moment. The drug in itself is very dangerous as just touching the drug can have adverse effects, and should there be combustion involved during the manufacturing process, there is not only damage to the property involved, but to human lives as well once the combustion quickly turns into a structure fire.

SERVPRO was called out to cleanup the fire damage, and board up this hazardous situation. The pictures depict the location of the point of combustion which was in the master bedroom, and the aftermath of the explosions damage to the interior furnishings, walls, and window.

Due to the dangerous chemicals involved this occurrence is classified as a Fire and Biohazard job. While the property was heavily incurred heavy fire damage to the structure, there were no injuries, or loss of life at this particular location.

SERVPRO  is qualified to handle, and resolve issues involving chemical fires, or spills that might arise should you encounter the same unfortunate situation.

24/7/365 SERVPRO is available to assist you in your needs.

Heavy Smoke Filters Through the Cracks in the Windows at a House Fire in Kershaw South Carolina

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

Looking at a window from the outside of the home the smoke has come from inside the home to outside around the frame There was so much smoke inside the house fire that the smoke filtered through the cracks in the windows

You would think that fire and smoke damage would contain itself to just the inside of a building when there's a fire.  Even a small fire can cause enough heat and smoke damage to weave itself through even the smallest of cracks. Every door frame, cabinets, and mirrors are affected.  One would not think that a fireplace would be affected, but the bricks, or rock used for the chimney are porous and even in the tiny pores soot will settle leaving a smoke odor.  Like heat, smoke rises which means the entire attic will be affected. Like the brick, wood too is very porous and will retain the soot in the tiny pores.  SERVPRO knows the importance of locating all avenues the smoke has taken so that when your home the smoke and fire damage can be behind you, and all that remains is the fire of yesterday, and a renewed home today.

SERVPRO is your resource #24/7/365