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Lancaster County School District Appreciates SERVPRO

3/12/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Lancaster County School District Appreciates SERVPRO SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties Worked with our Extreme Team To Get The Kids Back in Class

It is never easy to let your kids know that their school has suffered a fire. As parents it is tough to realize your routine has just taken a turn. There is so much community appreciation and gratification in knowing that SERVPRO helped to get kids, and parents to their routine.  If you missed what happened I’ve provided a recap of what happened.  The small community located between Kershaw and Heath Springs, South Carolina, was startled and surprised to hear a major fire had broken out at Andrew Jackson Middle School late Thursday evening. The Kershaw Volunteer Fire Department was the first to respond, and other departments joined in giving the night sky a smoky illusion with over twenty fire vehicle lights lighting the smoke filled night.

Thankfully no one was hurt, and it was determined that the fire began in a custodian's storage closet.  I was afforded the opportunity to walk the dark wet smoke filled halls this morning and see first-hand the extent of damage.

SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties is there already working to restore the school back to "Like it never even happened." status.  Crews will be working around the clock until the cleanup is completed. 

SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties would like to thank all the responders for their diligence and hard work to cut short what could have been a horrible loss to our community.

Carpet Cleaning We Get It

3/4/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Carpet Cleaning We Get It We are prepared to get rid of the winter path on your carpets.

At SERVPRO of Kershaw Lancaster Counties we get the fact that carpets need to be cleaned. The fact that company might be coming to visit, and we all want our homes to look the best. At SERVPRO of Kershaw Lancaster Counties we offer the best cleaning we cleaning.  We clean your carpets like we’re cleaning our own. When company comes there is no hiding spots by the furniture.  We are all in with you.  We have customers we receive calls from a regular basis to help assure them their company will ask where they got their new carpets. Call today to schedule your professional carpet cleaning.  24/7/365 we are ready to assist with your needs.  And if you need it, we will find a way to exceed your expectations.  803-475-7500. 

Pool Pump Causes House Fire in Camden South Carolina

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Pool Pump Causes House Fire in Camden South Carolina Pool Pump Location can be a Fire hazard

If there is a cause of fire one would surely never ponder, it’s a fire caused by a pool pump.  The motor over heating can easily cause a failure, but even a little backup can cause pressure which creates more of an explosive device. Placed too close to the home a fire hazard can be created, as is the case with this pool pump.  Fortunately, there was no one in the home at the time, but the fire damage while not a complete loss was quite extensive causing the family to be displaced.  When installing a pool with a pump,  it is important to be mindful of which direction the pool pump faces, and how close it is to the home.  At SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties we are prepared for your emergency whether it be fire, water, or smoke.  

24/7/365 803-475-7500

Medical Faciliy In Camden South Carolina Had Water Damage Due to Water Filter Failure

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Medical Faciliy In Camden South Carolina Had Water Damage Due to Water Filter Failure Small Water Pump Causes Major Water Damage

Generally once lunch is over on Friday, we start making sure we’ve tied up loose ends so there is nothing hung up over the weekend, and come Monday we are prepared for what rolled in over the weekend.  One thing that is for certain, we don’t plan on walking in the office feeling like we should have worn our rain boots.  At the end of the hall it’s a flow of water that catches you eye and motivates a quicker pace to find the source.  The water filter had failed causing water to continuously flow all weekend throughout the office.  With the water source turned off, and SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties on the way to make it "Like it never even happened."  At SERVPRO we understand the importance of getting you back to business. 

Water Damages Cherrywood Flooring in Camden South Carolina

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damages Cherrywood Flooring in Camden South Carolina Proper Way to Dry Cherrywood Flooring that has water damage

When it comes to water damage, the source can come from a room where water is used on a daily basis.  Also, water damage is not exactly top priority for older homes, or businesses.  Even a newly built home, or business can fall victim to a failure in the plumbing, or water lines.  A homeowner in a newly built home woke to a toilet that the water had continued to run all night.  This constant flow went out of the bathroom, continued down the hall, and into the dining area.  Initial reaction is to shut off the water source to the toilet, and call SERVPRO who, with their highly trained technicians, is able to begin immediately with a water mitigation, and begin the drying process.  The homeowners, while disappointed with the toilet failure, were extremely happy with the end result, and the limited loss to the beautiful flooring.  

Water Damages Business in Camden South Carolina

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damages Business in Camden South Carolina Using the proper drying method for water damage

Most of the larger commercial buildings host a break room for the employees use, and with that there will generally be a hot water heater.  A small valve on the hot water heater failed causing water damage in the break room, and the hallway leading to it.  While the heaviest water was located in the break room, the water flowed down the hallway as well.  It is important when dealing with water mitigation that not just the floors are addressed, but the walls as well.  Drywall acts as a wick, and will draw the water up into the walls.  At SERVPRO, our technicians are trained to test the moisture in the floors and walls.  Once it is determined that the walls have water damage, a barrier is installed for drying purposes.

24/7/365 We are prepared to get you back in business as quickly as possible.

Chilly Temps in Kershaw and Lancaster Counties can Lead to Fire Damage

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Chilly Temps in Kershaw and Lancaster Counties can Lead to Fire Damage Space Heaters can warm, but improperly used in the least can cause #firedame and at the most #trauma. Be safe when using a space heater

With the chilly weather upon us so is the potential for families and or businesses turning to heating resources they feel might be beneficial in helping to heat a home, or business.

Statically billions are spent each year, yes each year, on damage caused by fires.  Lives are lost, and many are injured.

  • In the winter time the rural communities will utilize portable space heaters, wood stoves, and kerosene heaters.  Unfortunately it is a common risk taken without the complete understanding of the fire potential should any of these be used improperly. With a fire, comes water used to put out the fire.  Without proper cleanup from the fire and water, comes the potential of mold.  

Below are some winter safety tips, and general fire prevention tips to help keep you, your families, and homes safe.

  • Space heaters need space---keep furniture and objects away
  • Electric space heaters must be plugged directly into a wall outlet---NOT AN EXTENSION CORD
  • Appliances must be plugged directly into the wall outlet, not an extension cord to avoid the potential of an electrical fire. 
  • NEVER use gasoline in kerosene heaters, or camp stove oil units.
  • NEVER fill a heating unit when hot
  • Be sure your chimney is clean before using, and that your damper is working properly
  • Use an insert or heavy screen to prevent hot embers from leaving the fireplace compartment, and keep logs from rolling out
  • ALWAYS allow ashes to cool before removing, and ALWAYS place ashes inside a metal container.  Always store ash containers at least 10 feet from buildings
  • NEVER leave food cooking, or candles burning unattended.
  • NEVER use a grill as a heat source inside the home, or business.
  • ALWAYS use portable generators outside away from doors and windows, NEVER use inside of enclosed areas of a home or buildings.
  • Make sure you have working smoke alarms outside of each sleeping area, and at least one carbon monoxide alarm in the home.

If you are in need of smoke detectors either call or stop by your local fire department and they will be happy to provide what is needed in your home at no cost.  If you are unable to install, they will be happy to assist and install for you.

We at SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties wish you a safe and warm winter.  Should you have any questions, or are in need  of assistance please feel free to contact us.



Hot Water Heater Fails in Camden SC causing major Water Damage to Office

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Hot Water Heater Fails in Camden SC causing major Water Damage to Office Failure of a Hot Water Heater Causes Major Commercial Water Damage

The day started off just as any typical Monday morning for me. Getting back into the weekly regiment after a nice long weekend, alarms clocks going off, the hustle and bustle of finding a matching sock, or the left shoe the dog seems to have stashed in with his favorite toys.  Lunches packed, backpacks double checked, all good so far.  Breakfast on the run, or should I say ride, as the kids pile in the Mommy van for the trek to school.  The next twenty minutes are a mixture of mommy, mommy, and my voice rising about the chatter with my ‘don't forgets’.  All said and done, not a bad start for a Monday morning.  Fifteen minutes of quiet is mine, it’s the time I use to prepare for the day ahead.  I'm ready, team hat on, I forge through the office door smiling.

My smile quickly vanishes as I step into a flooded foyer looking more like a wading pool from all the water.  My mind is racing as I frantically search for the source of the water that has so graciously made itself into far more than a wading pool.  From the front door clear to the back door the water ripples with each step I take.  The normally quiet morning is filled with an unusual sound of water, and to my already pumping with adrenaline being, I find the water source upon opening the door to the hot water heater.  Like a dam just turned loose, the water rushed out of the closet. For a fleeting moment I had the thought of a dam affected by a flood as the water spewed out over and around my feet and legs giving the illusion of trees caught in its path.  

Shifting gears I grabbed my IPhone and tapped on the ERP ICON. The ERP ICON represents EARLY READY PROGRAM that is offered, and provided by SERVPRO. I was immediately able to click on the EMERGENCY WATER SHUTOFF NUMBER provided by SERVPRO in our companies EMERGENCY READY PROFILE.  Water shutoff issue handled, I next located the plumber’s number, also provided by SERVPRO in our EMERGENCY READY PROFILE. Next I contacted SERVPRO who immediately helped to sooth my panic, and stress, as they are dispatching out a SERVPRO CERTIFIED WATER MITIGATION CREW as we spoke.

Over the next few days SERVPRO was a much appreciated presence in our office as they moved our CONTENTS, performed WATER MITIGATION, and DAILY MONITORING in the affected areas.  SERVPRO was patient, and understanding in explaining the entire process each step of the way.  Once the DRYING was completed, I watched in astonishment as each article of our contents was meticulously replaced to their original locations.

Reflecting back on what I have labeled "Not My Typical Monday" I know there were many factors that contributed to how that day started, and, how it ended.  I find great satisfaction in knowing that the main positive influential factor was, and will remain SERVPRO OF KERSHAW AND LANCASTER COUNTIES.  Little did I know, or realize, when I signed up for the SERVPRO EARLY READY PROFILE PROGRAM just how useful it would become. It is, and will continue to be a resource for us.


SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties is your resource #24/7/365 #fire #water #storm #flood #frozenpipes #trauma #commercialwaterdamage #kershawcounty #lancastercounty #teamSERVPRO #community #ERP #earlyreadyprofile 


Kershaw and Lancaster Counties Begin Stocking up on Socks for the Needy

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Kershaw and Lancaster Counties Begin Stocking up on Socks for the Needy It’s Never Too Early To Start Saving. This year were looking to exceed our first two collections. This is an annual event and were happy you help

While fire. water, and frozen pipes can effect a home or business the needs of many are affected differently by the fire, water, and frozen pipes winter can cause.

Winter is a time of year when whether you have a home or not, socks are a crucial part of your attire.  Unfortunately for many this is not to be as they can't afford to buy socks, and rely on shelters to help keep their feet warm.


  • MEN ** WOMEN **


           DON'T TAKE A SEAT!

           LET’S WARM SOME FEET…..

SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties is your resource #24/7/365 #fire #water #storm #flood #frozenpipes #trauma #kershawcounty #lancastercounty #teamSERVPRO #community #wintersockdrive


Kershaw SC is the home of the newly rebuilt Stevens Park

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Community Kershaw SC is the home of the newly rebuilt Stevens Park Summer 2019 will reap the benefits of Stevens Park and the amazing community rebuild

One year later and we are excited to have our community park ready for full use during this Spring and Summer season. We at SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties are excited to have taken part in the rebuilding of Stevens Park located in Kershaw, South Carolina.

This is a park loved, and utilized by many in our community.  Unfortunately in the spring of 2017 it was discovered the protective weather coating used on the equipment failed, and due to weather conditions the equipment quickly deteriorated causing immediately closure of the park for safety reasons.  We are ecstatic to have resolved the issue  

The History of Kershaw is the park theme, and will focus on the needs of all. Utilizing the old footprint of the park, we are excited to see the heritage of our history a place we can enjoy daily.  There will be more accessibility for those with needs affording each of us the ability to play together.

The community has come together as a whole from fund raising events, to enlisting volunteers to help with the upkeep of the park  

Great news for those who would like to sponsor a component of the park by either an individual group, or business.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible. Donations are needed year round to help with the park upkeep  

See you there!