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Discovered a Puddle in Your Home? Check These Places First | SERVPRO of Southern Lancaster, Kershaw, and Fairfield Counties

11/21/2023 (Permalink)

Water leaking and flooded on wood floor Don't let water damage hold you back from living comfortably in your home. Call SERVPRO of Southern Lancaster, Kershaw, and Fairfield Counties now!

Water damage can happen due to manmade accidents or because of the forces of Mother Nature. We use and rely on water to help us get through our days, but that doesn’t mean our pipes and gutter systems don’t come without risk!

A single water leak can have serious effects on your home and can lead to all kinds of issues like soggy walls, ruined carpet and even mold growth. 

As soon as you discover a mysterious puddle or a new water spot in your home, checking these areas below can help you track down the leak but also can help you address any repairs or maintenance tasks that need to be done. 

Your Appliances and Water Lines 

Many of us have multiple appliances in our homes that rely on water to function. Dishwashers, water heaters, ice makers and washing machines are all essential pieces of equipment in our homes, but they can all leak at a moment’s notice. 

If you walk by a certain appliance and notice the floor is wet, turn off the appliance immediately and locate the appropriate water valve and shut that off, too. Once the flow of water has stopped, you can investigate the reason and address the situation more calmly. 

Another location that can leak or even burst at any time are your water lines or pipes. A worn section of pipe or a crack or leak in the line can cause a slow drip that eventually turns into a huge gush when the pipe gives way. If you notice even the smallest drip coming from a pipe in your home, shut the water valve off and either fix the leak yourself or call in professionals.

When the Rain Comes in From Outside

The weather can change in an instant around here, and we can easily be surprised by heavy rain or strong wind when a storm comes to town. If the heavy rain starts to leak its way down your walls or you notice that your basement carpet feels wet, you might have a water leak somewhere in your roof or in your basement. 

Oftentimes, these issues stem from a clogged gutter system. If rain can’t flow down and away from your home through your gutters and downspouts, it will either back up onto your roof or will pour over the sides of your home and pool around your foundation. A simple gutter cleanout can help stop this issue from happening again. 

How Our Team Can Help
Even just a small amount of water can have a large impact on your home. Warped flooring, soggy drywall and ruined carpet can be really frustrating. Not to mention that mold can quickly start to grow if the water isn’t dried up fast. Our team will be there right away to help extract lingering moisture and address repairs.

We will clean, sanitize and repair your entire affected area right away. We are a trusted leader in disaster recovery, and we will help ensure that your water damage is completely reversed.

Water can cause extensive damage to your home. Our team at SERVPRO of Southern Lancaster, Kershaw, and Fairfield Counties is here to help.

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