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When the Unexpected Happens, Our Biohazard Team Is Ready | SERVPRO of Southern Lancaster, Kershaw, and Fairfield Counties

2/21/2024 (Permalink)

Emergency spill kit wall signs in box for use in Laboratory When an unexpected biohazard happens in your home, Southern Lancaster, Kershaw, and Fairfield Counties is Here to Help®?. Call us now!

The unexpected can happen at any time, and oftentimes sensitive or traumatic situations can take us by surprise and leave all kinds of chaos in their wakes. A simple sewage leak at your business may not be discovered until morning, or a tragic accident happens at your home and you are left with a mess and an overwhelming amount of emotions. 

Our restoration team understands the emotional impact of experiencing situations like this, which is why we are proud to offer our biohazard cleanup services to every homeowner and business owner in the area. We are trained to handle unexpected and often dangerous situations like this. We will clean, sanitize and restore your space quickly with sensitivity in mind. 

When a Biohazard Team Is Needed

Minor spills or accidents can often be cleaned up by your janitorial staff, but larger situations or anything that is particularly dangerous should always be handled by professionals. Bloodborne pathogens, sewage leaks, chemical spills, hoarding scenes, and even animal waste or remains can quickly become hazardous situations if not handled correctly or quickly. 

Even fresh water can eventually become a biohazard if it is left to linger on your floor! Bacteria and other dangers could be lurking in any of these substances, so give us a call right away. 

We will get to work securing the area and then we will clean up and sanitize the space so everyone can stay clean and healthy. We will also tackle any structural repairs if the situation caused property damage.

Crime Scene Recovery

If an unexpected crime happens at your business or even at home, we will be there to walk you through the recovery process. Once the authorities have done all that they need to do in your home and have left the scene, you will most likely feel the shock of the situation and the gravity of what just happened. 

We are here to help you recover quickly, keeping the sensitive nature of your situation in mind. Oftentimes, crime scenes or accidents have blood or other hazardous contaminants remaining, and we can get to work cleaning up and sanitizing your space. We can also help remove any signs of the crime scene processing like fingerprint powder, pepper spray residue and fire extinguisher residue.

Our biohazard crew is here to see you through any sort of unexpected or hazardous situation. Call us day or night, and we will get to work so everyone can stay safe and recover faster.

Hazardous substances should always be cleaned up by professionals, like us. Contact SERVPRO of Southern Lancaster, Kershaw, and Fairfield Counties today.  

Meth Lab Cause of Fire in Lancaster South Carolina

3/9/2020 (Permalink)

A meth lab is cause of fire at a rental home on Lancaster

Unfortunately a crisis we as a society face is the manufacturing of meth using homemade meth labs in homes, and facilities illegally. In part this in itself is very dangerous in regards to the substances used to manufacture the illegal drug, and the potential for combustion at any moment. The drug in itself is very dangerous as just touching the drug can have adverse effects, and should there be combustion involved during the manufacturing process, there is not only damage to the property involved, but to human lives as well once the combustion quickly turns into a structure fire.

SERVPRO was called out to cleanup the fire damage, and board up this hazardous situation. The pictures depict the location of the point of combustion which was in the master bedroom, and the aftermath of the explosions damage to the interior furnishings, walls, and window.

Due to the dangerous chemicals involved this occurrence is classified as a Fire and Biohazard job. While the property was heavily incurred heavy fire damage to the structure, there were no injuries, or loss of life at this particular location.

SERVPRO  is qualified to handle, and resolve issues involving chemical fires, or spills that might arise should you encounter the same unfortunate situation.

24/7/365 SERVPRO is available to assist you in your needs.