Recent Before & After Photos

Water Versus Leaves

While nature has a way of working with leaves and trees, it is when put put man, leaves, and water together that one might find enough conflict to reack havoc o... READ MORE

So Small Yet So Big In Our Hearts

One unforgettable day the blare of fire sirens broke the silence, and the fire trucks rolling by kicked up a cloud of dust that was still floating to the ground... READ MORE

Bad Turn Into Burn

Now just imagine sitting at home on Saturday evening curled up with a book that has you totally captivated with its own dramatic pace. Good guys are chasing the... READ MORE

Meth Lab Causes Fire and Biohazard Situation

Unfortunately a crisis we as a society face is the manufacturing of meth using homemade meth labs in homes, and facilities illegally. In part this in itself is ... READ MORE

Wet Sunday

Arriving to church ahead of the congregation Sunday is to begin getting ready for the worship service.  While headed to the church there was no reason to e... READ MORE

Waking to Water

One generally considers a good night’s rest one that does not include being awakened by a thunderous crash, and a horrific flow of water throughout the ho... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Smoke Damage Migrates to Bathroom

SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties received a call from a homeowner who had a kitchen fire that had started when a pot of peas was left to cook unattende... READ MORE

From Garden Tub to Chicken Coop and Back Again

SERVPRO of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties received an unusual call from a frantic homeowner who had just entered the premises of their rental which had just bee... READ MORE

Unwanted Basement Swimming Pool

Just imagine grabbing a hamper of laundry, opening the door and heading down the stairs, and to your amazement the lower level of your home overnight has turned... READ MORE

Standard or Bio Hazmat Cleaning

To just look at the before picture one would think  folks had been running in and out of the front entrance following during a mud fight. Unfortunatel... READ MORE